Happiness For The Patient

I have been an office manager at a nursing home facility for over 10 years and I am in charge of ordering all of the supplies. I check out all the inventory and it seems like we are always running low on adult nappies. Many of our patients that stay at our location has some sort of incontinence condition.

We have found that this product works very will for them because they keep their skin dry all night long. Our direct care aids are not constantly changing bedding over and over during the night hours. They are cheaply priced and discounts are offered from time to time. It does not matter what size the patient is, there is always a size that will fit them. They are comfortable and absorbent for the patient and that makes them happy!

Redecorate or renovate

It seems that every spring I get the urge to redecorate or renovate at least one of the rooms in my home. I’m not really sure why this happens, but we will just chalk it up to spring fever. This year I decided that the easiest way to get a new look in my family room was to visit my local home improvement store and look into putting up new window coverings. So off I went, into the massive concrete and steel shelf, mega-store. Little did I know there were so many choices. Walking up and down the many aisles of available items, I determined that I needed to push that little red button, and ask someone for help. After a few annoying overhead announcements, the associate appeared, clicked off the red button, and asked how they could assist me. When I asked which of the Manchester blinds came in the size that I needed, the associate looked more confused than me! She looked around, up and down, started slowly walking the aisles, appearing more and more puzzled. Finally, she turned around to me and said, “your guess is as good as mine”, and walked away! Not knowing what to do, I went back home, sat in my family room with a cup of tea, and determined that my old window coverings look just fine, and I will add some new throw pillows.

Uncle Joe Back in the Swing Again

My husband Jim and his favorite uncle used to hit the golf course for some exercise every Saturday morning like clockwork. Then Uncle Joe started to beg off and I began to suspect that he wasn’t feeling like his old self. When he finally admitted to Jim that he was embarrassed about some bladder problems and feeling concerned about having to be near a restroom all the time, I encouraged Jim to have a frank discussion with Joe about the benefits of incontinence pads. Jim did more than talk with his Uncle Joe, he took him to the local pharmacy and picked out a package of the most reliable leading brand. What a difference it’s made in Uncle Joe’s confidence level. He’s no longer worried about his weak bladder causing the two of them to suspend play and he’s really back into the swing of things enjoying the game of golf with Jim almost every Saturday!